About Loebig Ink

The name “Loebig Ink” was originally established in 1999 in Philadelphia, PA with the associated domain name LoebigInk.com. Little did I know back then, that a simple hobby site would eventually become a full service web consulting career and business supported by over 10 subcontractors and countless referral partners.

In 2010, Loebig Ink was launched as a full time web consulting business in Richmond, VA and founded on the principles of integrity, trust and sleep deprivation. We call it the “midnight club”. The business moved in 2012 to Bethesda Maryland in the Washington, DC area with a wider scope and expanding team of social media, SEO, web and graphic design professionals.

brian loebigI am Brian Loebig, founder of LoebigInk.com, and author of TheInkBlog.net and CriminalThinking.net. I have over 15 years of experience working in the quality improvement and technology fields as an administrator and web consultant.

I have also worked as a practitioner and administrator in the corrections, substance abuse and human services fields with a special emphasis on technology. I continue to work with numerous community-based non-profits as a web technology consultant, board member and volunteer including:

I owe much of my entrepreneurial ambition to the executive master’s degree experience at Marquette University where I learned to balance an extreme amount of information, fun, research and a full time job. One of my classmates coined the experience as trying to take a drink from a fire-hose.  [credit: David A.]

Meet the Team

Team TalentTouch
Trecia WarnholzTrecia Warnholz
Trecia is our lead project manager responsible for web design project oversight, technical website updates and complex digital assessments. She hails from Barbados and enjoys visiting her seaside home when it's cold in Maryland!

KEY TALENTS: Wordpress Web Design, Squarespace, Social media management, SEO, technical assessments.
Philip DayPhilip Day
Philip is the most seasoned team member since he joined the group when Loebig Ink was re-established in 2010. He enjoys biking in the Central Virginia mountains and actively supports the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

KEY TALENTS: Social media management, SEO, blog writing, copy writing and voice overs
Robin ReneeRobin Renee
Robin is our lead SEO account manager and trainer having led in the development of over 100 SEO projects. She has expertise in our top tech tools including SEMrush, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Majestic.com and Google’s Keyword Planner. Her expertise extends to social media management with extensive experience in the entertainment industry.

KEY TALENTS: SEO, social media management, web development, copywriting and voiceovers.
Angela MartinezAngela Martinez
Angela is the team graphic designer and budding web developer and hails from the land of Starbucks and Sea Hawks. She enjoys creating custom logos as well as inspirational graphics for CriminalThinking.net

KEY TALENTS: Graphic design, social media management.
Stephanie MontenegroStephanie Montenegro
Stephanie was originally introduced to the Loebig Ink team as an intern through the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. During her extended internship and now sub-contractor status, Stephanie has gained experience in web design, social media management, blog writing and SEO. Stephanie enjoys putting her political science degree to use with several non-profit engagements.

KEY TALENTS: Web development, SEO, social media.
Savannah RoseSavannah Rose
Savannah is our team’s creative team member pursuing a dual degree in Art and Anthropology at George Mason University. Savannah provides admin support, website management and Google Analytics reporting services

KEY TALENTS: Graphic Design.
Alicia VazAlicia Vaz
Alicia was a long time Twitter follower of Brian’s from Georgia and in 2015 moved to the DC area and quickly joined the team providing Search Engine Optimization account management services.

Mamoon RashidMamoon Rashid
Mamoon is our most distant team member specializing in web programming and content management systems. Mamoon has extensive experience working with International charities, U.S. manufacturers and local business. He hails from Lahore, Pakistan and makes regular visits to meet with the Loebig team in Washington, D.C.

KEY TALENTS: Custom Wordpress web development, ecommerce programming.
Jillian AlexanderJillian (Geld) Alexander
Jillian comes from a proud Navy family and is an avid SEO specialist gaining skills and experience with each new project. She enjoys working remotely since her family occupation keeps them on the move.

KEY TALENTS: SEO, social media.
Monica LongmireMonica Longmire
Monica was the first team member to be recruited through an initial connection on Instagram. Needless to say she is quite social media and tech savvy! Monica enjoys traveling the world and is an expert in UX Design.

KEY TALENTS: SEO, social media, UX.

tim percefull
Tim Percefull, Sr. Manager of Business Analysis, Academy Sports

“In a class full of young stars in an Executive MBA program, Brian stood out for a number of reasons. He has tremendous strength of character, is extremely open to others’ ideas and approaches, and possesses a keen eye for the strengths and potentials of others. People enjoyed working as a part of his team largely, I think, because of his positive approach and creativity. I’ve not yet had an opportunity to work with him professionally but would eagerly welcome that and can recommend him without hesitation or reservation”