Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business SEOGoogle Plus, Google Places, Google Plus Local, Google Places for Business… when will the variations end!? Hopefully this diversity of Google business account information has just ended with the introduction of Google My Business. Google My Business integrates the Google business page, reviews, map stats, insights and analytics into a single dashboard.

Follow the proceeding steps to maximize the use of your Google My Business account!

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your business address (even if home-based)
  3. Click “manage this page” and review your listing. Google may suggest that you add photos in order to consider the listing 100% complete.
    • Note: If the page is already verified, Google will give you a hint about what email address was used to verify the listing so you can followup with that person or log into your profile using that email account.
  4. Google may have also updated your business information based on “user reports and our data.”
  5. Review the changes to ensure accuracy or to make updates.
  6. Google will identify potential duplicate listings of your business. If there are duplicates it is often best to remove the one with the least amount of reviews.
  7. On the “My Business” drop down menu, visit your Google Plus Business page to make sure the information is accurate and complete.
  8. Connect your Google Adwords, Analytics and YouTube Channel from the Google My Business dashboard. If you don’t have YouTube or Analytics setup up. Set them up!
  9. Begin the process of inviting followers to your Google Plus page and post updates on a consistent basis. A social media management tool can help make the process more efficient.
  10. Develop a process to obtain reviews on your Google page
  11. Use to evaluate and optimize your on-line directory listings.


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