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Membership is Good for Business and SEO

Chamber of Commerce SEOHave you considered joining a chamber of commerce? Membership in a local chamber offers numerous benefits. The basic purpose of a chamber of commerce is to create a vibrant business environment in its area and/or for its target population. Each organization is different, but you can expect that each will offer programs, events, and growth opportunities for its members while serving as an advocate for business interests in the region. Here are a few of the reasons you should consider joining:

Networking: Joining a chamber of commerce is a great way to learn about others who are doing business in your area. The more other business owners know about the goods or services you offer, the more likely you will discover creative ways to collaborate. Interact with chamber members, potential members, and others at open events, and you are paving the way for opportunity.

Referrals: As you meet other members of a chamber and get acquainted with their businesses, when they hear of someone who needs a service that you provide, they are likely to pass it on to you. As such referrals are returned, it’s good for business all around.

Social Opportunities: It doesn’t always have to be about selling. Many chambers offer low-key social events for members and friends. Just getting to know new people in your community can be as helpful as it is enjoyable. Social connections and visibility matter a lot and can lead to business down the line.

Staying Up-To-Date: One of the functions of a chamber of commerce is maintaining an awareness of issues affecting the various businesses in the area. Your membership will ensure you stay aware, which will help you make good business decisions.

Public Perception: Businesses that belong to chambers of commerce tend to command greater trust than those that don’t. Banding together in a respected organization multiplies respectability and positive reputations for everyone.

Did You Know? Joining a Chamber of Commerce is Also Great for SEO!

Another great perk is that chamber of commerce membership gives you a business directory backlink to your website that has excellent SEO value. Chambers of commerce are strongly trusted on the internet and can lend that credibility to your site as well. Moz and Majestic measure this through Trust Flow and Citation Flow. According to majestic.com, “Trust Flow is one of the Majestic Flow Metrics, which is weighted by the number of clicks from a seed set of trusted sites to a given URL, or Domain.” Citation Flow, in comparison, “is weighted by the number of citations to a given URL, or Domain.” Essentially, the higher the Trust Flow and Citation Flow, provided that both are relatively in balance, the more reputable the website.

Gaining backlinks from high-quality sites helps to increase these positive metrics on your own site and increase your website’s visibility in Google searches.

Here is a useful list of regional chambers along with their Trust and Citation Flow metrics and annual fees. Even if you weren’t planning on taking advantage of all the other benefits, the positive impact on your SEO might be well worth the price.

Chambers of Commerce Fees and Trust Flow

Updated July 2020 by Savannah Loebig

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Name ***Annual Fee Trust Flow/ Citation Flow
Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce $823 29/40
Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce $119 27/35
Central Maryland Chamber $350 23/41
Maryland Chamber of Commerce $750  54/42
Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce  $700 37/41
DC Chamber of Commerce $605  30/32
Arlington Chamber of Commerce $507 54/42
Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce $425  53/41
Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce $425 22/24
Alexandria Chamber of Commerce $399  24/27
Tyson’s Regional Chamber of Commerce $375  20/34
Frederick County Chamber of Commerce $360 53/41
Howard County Chamber of Commerce $515 29/39
Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce  $350 54/41
Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce $425 51/40
Rockville Chamber of Commerce  $325 51/38
National Black Chamber of Commerce  $300 21/23
Olney Chamber of Commerce  $275 50/37
The Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce $100 0/0
The Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce $250 18/23
Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce $250  29/33
Capital Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce $250 32/38
 Potomac Chamber of Commerce $200  38/29
 Wheaton & Kensington Chamber of Commerce $195  23/27
 Falls Church Chamber of Commerce  $283 40/33
 Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce  $150 14/28
Central Fairfax Chamber of Commerce  $330 48/38
Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce  $340 33/37
Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce  $455 54/41

***Annual fee is based on the lowest cost business membership category at the time of this blog publication.

Consider joining a chamber near you and enjoy the benefits to business and online visibility.

Loebig Ink, LLC is a proud member of the Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce and the Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce.


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