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Meet Our Intern – Shaquille Telford

Loebig Ink Team Member: Shaquille Telford

Shaquille Telford - Performing PoetryLoebig Ink intern Shaquille Telford comes to Loebig Ink with a long history of loving all things internet. When he was young, his parents let him use a computer from time to time. It caught his attention right away. Eventually online entertainment led Shaquille to build websites, create blogs, make YouTube videos, and more. “I probably tried everything you can do on the internet which only increased my love for it,” he says.

Eventually, while exploring how and where to learn more about the World Wide Web, Shaquille came across Brian Loebig and Loebig Ink. After having known Brian for several months, the chance arose for an internship with the company. He snapped up the opportunity to learn with Brian and the rest of the team about how to provide value to other businesses through the internet.

So far, search engine optimization is the Loebig Ink service Shaquille has been enjoying learning about the most. He finds it exciting to discover and hone the details of the SEO process — everything from how to make a website searchable to getting pages to the top of Google. He is happy to be part of the team.

However, Shaquille’s life hardly exists only online. One month into beginning to work with Loebig Ink, his son was born. While he worried that spending time with his child would make him less available and thus a burden to the others, everyone congratulated him and has been open to working with him around his new schedule. He is glad to find that everyone seems to work together well and has been accommodating.

When he’s not working on something for Loebig Ink, Shaquille is most likely spending his free time writing poetry and being with family. He says being a parent is a joy… and a challenge. Having a 4-year-old means that he may well have seen the Disney movie, Zombies, 20 times in the past week! One of his goals is to run a program one day to teach parents how to break their bad habits to become better people and, in turn, better parents.

Bonus facts about Shaquille Telford:

Though he looks and sounds American to most, he was born in the Bahamas.

He once swam with stingrays. He claims they aren’t as scary in person as you might think, but he probably won’t swim with them again!

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  • client

    “Brian is very professional and knowledgeable, but most of all I liked the fact that he did not overwhelm me with suggestions; instead, he motivated me with a "small attainable goals" approach. The tasks he gave me to complete were simple but they made a huge difference in my business and the results are incredible. As a business consultant and a social media guru, he has an invaluable wealth of knowledge to share. ”

    Precious Turner, Consultant
  • client

    “Working with Brian has been one of if not my favorite working relationships. We first met when I started as the marketing director at Bethesda Blues & Jazz. Brian's company, Loebig Ink helped immensely with marketing support in relation to SEO, a new website relaunch, social media & email management, and in depth monthly analytical reports.  ”

    Cooper London, Marketing Director
  • client

    “Brian Loebig is a genius at web development, online social networking, and many other Internet solutions. He has provided services for my own business and a significant number of my clients. Brian is personable, professional, and gets the job done. I have never had any issues with his work and often recommend his services to my most valued customers. ”

    Ted Tyree - Chief Technology OfficerTheWebSiteParkingLot.com
  • client

    “Loebig Ink has been a huge help to me and my business. First I had a website designed by professionals and he made it shine, improved my SEO with fantastic results, and then I designed my own website from scratch which he then did it all over again. Works diligently to make sure everyone is successful, and he truly is a master of collaboration. I can't thank Brian enough for his hard work at helping me make sure I was a success from my efforts on the web. ”

    Dr. Justin Klein, Got Your Back Total Health
  • ““Recently I had the opportunity to work with Brian on the Partners in Performance Excellence (PiPEX) website. I have worked with several website designers in the past, and by far Brian offered the best product at a reasonable price. His customer service is excellent, putting the needs of our non-profit first. He delivered a visually appealing site, trained us to update content quickly and easily ourselves, and supports enhancements outside our expertise quickly. I would hire Brian again without hesitation and look forward to working with him in the future.” ”

    Melinda Manente, Lean Implementation Coordinator, Intel Corporation
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