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Loebig Ink Team Member: Robin Renée

Robin ReneeRobin Renée met Loebig Ink founder Brian Loebig over a decade ago when Brian was seeking singer/songwriters for a coffeehouse he booked in Philadelphia, PA. The two stayed in touch over their shared love of music. When Loebig Ink began to blossom into the full-time web design, social media marketing, and SEO agency it is today, Robin was ready to come on board as a subcontractor.

There are many facets to managing the growing number of search engine optimization projects that Loebig Ink handles, and Robin takes care of keeping the varied tasks in balance. Some days focus on the beginning research steps of an SEO project for a new client. Sometimes the focus is on writing metatags to be added to a website just before the final setup steps. Often her day involves overseeing project managers’ SEO work and keeping track of dozens of ongoing SEO projects that monitor and improve search engine visibility for our clients over time. In addition, Robin researches and writes blog posts and newsletters for LoebigInk.com as well as Brian Loebig’s other websites, CriminalThinking.net and TheInkBlog.net.

Robin is a graduate of Rutgers University where she studied Biochemistry and English. Her eclectic resume includes time as a Senior Microbiology Lab Technician, entertainment writer for several Central New Jersey newspapers, music columnist, ghostwriter, and art model. She has toured the U.S. as a performing songwriter and her recordings include In Progress, All Six Senses, Live Devotion, spirit.rocks.sexy, This., and the single, “All I Am.” Her music can be found on CDBaby, Pandora, Spotify, and elsewhere around the web. Other interests include fitness, vegetarian cooking and occasional mead-making, new wave music fandom, activism, catching up on Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing, and getting to the beach as often as possible. Her current passion project is serving as a co-host of The Leftscape podcast.

Robin Renée enjoys serving as Lead SEO Manager on the Loebig Ink Team. She finds that search engine optimization entails using creativity, consistency, logic, and sometimes a little bit of intuition — a combination that keeps it interesting and facilitates a good right brain-left brain balance. You can learn more about Robin Renée on her website, www.robinrenee.com.

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What People Are Saying

  • client

    “Working with Brian has been one of if not my favorite working relationships. We first met when I started as the marketing director at Bethesda Blues & Jazz. Brian's company, Loebig Ink helped immensely with marketing support in relation to SEO, a new website relaunch, social media & email management, and in depth monthly analytical reports.  linkedin-icon

    Cooper London, Marketing Director
  • client

    “Loebig Ink has been a huge help to me and my business. First I had a website designed by professionals and he made it shine, improved my SEO with fantastic results, and then I designed my own website from scratch which he then did it all over again. Works diligently to make sure everyone is successful, and he truly is a master of collaboration. I can't thank Brian enough for his hard work at helping me make sure I was a success from my efforts on the web. linkedin-icon

    Dr. Justin Klein, Got Your Back Total Health
  • client

    “Brian is very professional and knowledgeable, but most of all I liked the fact that he did not overwhelm me with suggestions; instead, he motivated me with a "small attainable goals" approach. The tasks he gave me to complete were simple but they made a huge difference in my business and the results are incredible. As a business consultant and a social media guru, he has an invaluable wealth of knowledge to share. linkedin-icon

    Precious Turner, Consultant
  • client

    “I will honestly say that I have no ability in terms of search engine optimization and web development. That is why finding Brian and his company was such a godsend. Just this last week, I had someone call me and say that I had the web presence for hypnotist in Manassas wrapped up. That is in no small part because of Brian's exceptionally good work. He really is the go-to person for creating an excellent website and getting increased visibility. linkedin-icon

    Tim Horn, Owner
  • client

    “Loebig Ink redid my existing dreadful website. The difference is night and day! I dealt with Robin, who orchestrated and designed each page as well as the owner, Brian, who walked me through a training session when the website was complete. They both taught me the protocols in making adjustments to the site whenever I wanted. There is simply no question that the new website they created increased both traffic and business. Everything was done at an affordable price and built to perfection. I cannot recommend Loebig Ink enough! linkedin-icon

    James Bonato, Owner/Videographer

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