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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing benefits small business by providing an new channel for customer support, and feedback, a means to gain customer and competitive insight, recruitment and retention of new customers and business partners, and a method for managing ones business reputation online.

Key factors for social media success are
  • ensuring the selection of key social media
  • providing real value to customers
  • sharing meaningful content

Loebig Ink can assist in developing or enhancing your entre into social media with the business “essentials package” which includes setting up three key social media sites common to many small businesses:

Social Media "Essentials Package"


Create a social networking site for a local business, company, product, public figure, cause or community where users can add fans, send messages and interact with others on Facebook from the perspective of their business/interest page.


Create a personal and/or business profile online to network with other business professionals, promote your products and learn about relevant business industries. Think of it as an online interactive resume.


Create a microblogging site that enables users to send short (140 characters or less) messages or ‘tweets’ to their followers. Develop a following by ‘tweeting’ inspirational messages, anecdotes and announcements about your business, personal interests and/or ideas.


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