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WordPress Performance and Security Updates

Ensuring your WordPress website plugins and theme is updated monthly is key to ensuring optimal performance and preventing malware and website hacking.

We provide monthly off-site database backups, performance and security updates which includes: 

    1. Plugin updates and systematic, manual and visual testing
    2. WordPress theme updates and testing
    3. Restoring the website to a previously saved version in the event of malware or other technology malfunction
    4. Offsite database and content backups
    5. Review of datalogs for unnatural spikes in load time as needed
    6. Recommendations for new plugins or technology solutions to increase security
    7. 24-hour downtime monitoring, communication and reporting
    8. Includes PHP updates to web server source code. If needed, we work with the webhost to update PHP to ensure it will work with the current WP theme. This process can take 2-4 hours of tech support, but is provided at no extra cost with our monthly plan.
    9. A paid version of the Wordfence security plugins is required. Cost is est. at $119/yr and must be purchased by the client.  https://www.wordfence.com/wordfence-signup
    10. Installation, setup and configuration of Wordfence Security plugin and login screen captcha (Two-factor authentication will be setup for all client admin users)
    11. Does NOT include replacing unsupported or discontinued plugins. If a plugin used on the site becomes outdated we can research replacement options and provide a quote for recoding it into the site.

COST: $85.00/mo

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