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Internet Marketing for the Beauty Industry

Brian Loebig on the Body Beauty Show

Body Beauty Show logoAt the beginning of Episode 65 of the Body Beauty Show, host Austin Evans leads with the questions that so many business owners ask themselves: “How do I market my products? How do I market my services?” He invited Brian Loebig to speak with him on the podcast to help beauty entrepreneurs sort through the “ocean of noise” they encounter in the spirit of advice to find the most important internet marketing actions they can take to increase their rankings in search engines.

During the episode, “High Impact Low Effort Marketing Tactics to Help Your Spa Stand Out,” Brian defines personal branding SEO and tells listeners about the importance of taking full advantage of quick, easy steps beauty business owners can take that make big impacts such as filling out profiles on free directories and sites like About.me. Brian and Austin discuss tailoring web presence and social media to the most suitable demographic. They discuss ways of obtaining backlinks for a website and the important role sponsorships can play. Also mentioned in the lively conversation are ways to maximize the use of your Google Business Profile such as adding services to the profile in the Products section to achieve greater visibility for spas and related beauty businesses.

“This is really like the low-hanging fruit kind of stuff that can propel your business above competitors,” Brian says. The podcast conversation then moves into more technical information about working with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and the new version of Analytics, GA4. Expect a future Body Beauty Show presentation in a webinar format so the visual aspect can help viewers delve more deeply into these topics.

The Body Beauty Show is produced by Artemis, whose mission is “to build a community of successful entrepreneurs who empower their clients to be confident in their own skin.” The company specializes in U.S. distribution of professional equipment for medical and beauty spas. Over 1,000 partners are currently part of the Artemis family.

Brian Loebig’s internet marketing tips on the show are of benefit to people in all industries. Listen here

and watch the video!

BBS 65 - Brian Loebig from Loebig Ink

Brian Loebig: Keynote Speaker

Brian Loebig - Internet Marketing Strategist and Keynote SpeakerSince the beginnings of Loebig Ink in 2010, Brian Loebig has been sharing his knowledge and skill and developing loyal clients. As the business has grown, so has Brian’s work as an Internet Marketing Strategist for individuals as well as for groups. Most people familiar with Loebig Ink know that Brian and his team tackle issues covered by small business coaching, web design services, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online advertising on an individual or project basis. Brian is now proud to announce that he is formally inviting inquiries about his availability as a keynote speaker.

So far in 2018, speaking engagements for Brian Loebig have included delivering a speech for the Clarvit Design Lecture Series at the University of Maryland Art Department, offering a workshop at the BOOM Conference held at the Silver Spring Civic Center, and delivering a keynote address at the C4 Explosive Networking Experience. He has traveled to Pompano Beach, FL to keynote for BNI of Broward County with a talk entitled “Leveraging LinkedIn to Build Your BNI Chapter and Business” and he serves as president of his local business networking chapter, BNI Capital Business Alliance. A sampling of other topics Brian has taken on this year include Personal Branding SEO, Personal Branding SEO for Creatives, Entrepreneurship, and Internet and Social Media Marketing. Brian has made podcast appearances on DC Tech Stories at the Washington Post, the Creative Marketing Zone podcast, the Business Insight Lab podcast with Adam Lowe, and he has also appeared on a talk show panel for Mavericks on the Move, hosted by digital marketing maverick, Jamilah Corbitt.

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As Brian Loebig brings his expertise to greater numbers, he recognizes the importance of every individual who he hopes will come away with new insight. “The best thing about speaking with groups is the opportunity to dialogue and answer questions about specific situations,” Brian says about his enthusiasm for public speaking. His topics are fully customized to each audience. To personalize the experience even more, he often uses participants’ social media profiles or websites as examples within a presentation.

Brian Loebig strives to make speaking engagements fun as well as informative. He is an avid musician, so he is always up for breaking the ice with a song. When you contact him about his availability, feel free to ask him to bring along his mandolin or guitar! He will be happy to discuss potential lecture topics, workshops, classes, and other presentation ideas to fine tune the experience for your group. Find out more about inviting Brian Loebig to speak at your organization’s next event.

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