capwizproWhat it is:
CaptureWizPro is a professional tool for capturing anything on your screen, even tricky items like the entire contents of scrolling areas, drop-down lists, tool tips, mouse pointers and screen savers. There’s also a high-performance recorder for capturing streaming video or creating demos.

How we use it:
This software is one of the most important tools I use throughout the day. Years ago when I discovered how to perform a “screen capture” on the computer by hitting the ‘print screen’ key on my keyboard it felt like an epiphany.capwizprotool CaptureWizPro uses that basic concept and launches it into outerspace! The “area” capture tool allows the user to select a small or large portion of a computer screen. The edges of the screen capture can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the edges of the capture area before it is copied or keyboard shortcuts can fine tune the adjustments one pixel at a time.

capwizmenuAnother highly useful feature is the ability of the tool to capture drop down menus on a website or other moving images that you would never be able to capture with the ‘print screen’ key. After installing the program, pressing F10 freezes everything on the browser window, and on your computer, so that you can position the ‘area’ tool to select exactly what you need to capture.

After capturing the area of the screen or website a menu of options on how to handle the captured image appears. Clicking the ‘email’ option automatically opens your email client with the image already attached. Or, you can use the ‘save as…’ button to save it to your computer.

The sticky note function is one of my favorite options. When clicking the sticky note after a capture, the image gets pasted in a small window that stay in front of any browser or other window you may have open. This can be used to compare something you captured on a web page that you want to see while writing a blog so that you don’t need to keep going back and forth between windows, as I am doing right now!

Examples of how we use CaptureWizPro include:

  • Quickly grabbing a small areas of a website and emailing it to my technology group partners to show them problems I see with coding
  • Capturing images for posting in blogs and websites
  • Saving chat session messages that happened in a Facebook dialogue
  • Showing a client what a screen should look like on their browser
  • Developing training manuals with images captured from our content management system

Supports Windows 7 (64 and 32-bit), Windows Vista (64 and 32-bit), Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Window Me and Windows 98. Requires 5 MB harddisk space. 2 MB download.

30 Day Free Trial, $39.95 one time cost for full version, $19.95 for the lite version Full Disclosure: We do not make any money or referral bonuses for reviewing or recommending this product.

Website Screen Slice: (Using CapwizPro of course!)


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