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We specialize in Google Ads and work with business partners for social media advertising.

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Online Advertising

Using Google Ads is the quickest way to reach the top of Google search results. Loebig Ink provides complete setup and management of a Google Ads account by certified Googe Ads specialists. We can also provide initial setup and training for you to manage a Google or Bing Ads campaign yourself.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin advertising can also be effectively utilized for promoting products and services at low cost.

Small Business
Advertising Packages

Google Adwords Package

$500 setup fee


Google Adwords allows you to select keywords that you believe people will use to find your website using the Google Search engine.

Cost: Pay $0.50 or more cents per click with a daily ad budget. A recommended cost per click is provided by Google based on keyword competition, geographic scope and the quality of your campaign.

Up to 4 campaigns will be designed with four to six ads each. New ads will be created and tested each month based on the performance of previous ads.

Add Monitoring (optional)

Adwords monitoring includes reviewing ad performance, adding new keywords, removing poor keywords and sending weekly summary reports with recommendations.

30% of monthly AdWords budget

($1000/mo minimum Adwords budget)


$500 + Monthly Adwords Budget

Facebook Ads Package

$400 setup fee


Facebook allows you to create ads that link to a business FB page or a website. Ads show up on other Facebook users news feed or on the right side of their page. A target audience demographic and geographic location is selected along with keywords, interests or topics relevant to your target audience.

Cost: Pay $.05 or more per click with a daily budget of at least $5/day for a day, week or month at a time. A recommended cost per click is given by FB based on the keywords and target audience.

Add Monitoring (optional)

Facebook Ads monitoring includes reviewing ad performance, adding new keywords, removing poor keywords, analyzing weekly reports, providing recommendations and creating 1-2 new ads each month.

20% of monthly ad budget or $75/mo

(whichever is greater)


$400 + Monthly Facebook Ads Budget


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