Google Advertising Setup Questionnaire

Q & A The following are the steps we will take to create a Google ad campaign

  1. Define a campaign objective based on the primary purpose of the ad campaign.
  2. Determine the best audience size and scope based on your target audience demographics and interests.
  3. Set a budget and schedule for delivering your ads
  4. Identify and optimize target landing pages
  5. Create one to three ad group groups with several ad variations in each group
  6. Review and add negative keywords at the campaign level
  7. Link the ad campaign to Google Analytics and Google My Business
  8. Add phone call, sitelinks and ad extensions
  9. Install conversion tracking code

What we need from you

    Business Info


    Target Audience (if relevant):

    Geographic Location for Ads

    Start and end date for initial campaign

    Website Logins

    Google Adwords and Google Analytics