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comm100Comm100 Live Chat

What it is:
Comm100 Live Chat is a professional tool that allows instant online communication between website vistitors and businesses, helping to promote sales and improve services.

How we use it:
We found this software after doing a Google search on live chat software. We were not initially planning to use a “free” product since we have had less than desirable experiences with free versions of meeting software.  (side note: We currently use fee-based versions of GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar by Citrix which work very well.)  But, we decided to experiment with Comm100 since we saw good reviews and our clients are always interested in free products that perform well.

The software has a desktop client version as well as a full-functioning web-based version. We opted for the web version since our support team, i.e. ‘operators,’ are from different cities and are often using more than one computer.  One of the important differences between a meeting-type software and Comm100’s live chat is that there is no java applet, visitor download or plug-in needed to make it operational. All that is needed is a browser with an internet connection. The software works on iPhone, BlackBerry, and other Java-based platforms as well.

comm100a1The setup is fully customizable and can be branded with graphics unique to each website that we support with the software. We initially installed Comm100 Live Chat on the www.criminalthinking.net site, but shortly thereafter installed it on LoebigInk.com.  An unlimited number of websites can be monitored and supported by the same window/interface. The admin web panel lets us know which website a client is visiting. (See Current Page column in the image to the right) and an “Info” tab (below) shows details about each visitor:

Other features include a “knock knock” sound when someone enters a page, that has the chat box installed and a phone ring when someone requests a chat. The software has the ability to invite someone who is on the website to a chat by popping up an additional custom image that floats across their screen and we can easily switch from a text chat to a live voice discussion.

All this for free and we actually were able to speak with a live tech support person from Comm100 who answered all of our additional questions AND they sent us a followup message asking if we needed anything else! Five stars! With service like this Comm100’s customer base will continue to grow rapidly


Server Side
No matter if you are using Windows, Linux, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL or any other technologies, you can fully integrate Comm100 Live Chat into your web site.

Client/Visitor side
Comm100 Live Chat supports all major browsers on all major operating systems, including IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS and so on.


The Comm100 Live Chat software is 29.95/mo. There is currently, as of 5/23/2012, an enterprise version is available for purchase and includes removal of Comm100 branding, includes post-chat customer ratings, department routing, intelligent auto invitation, advanced performance reports and more.

Full Disclosure:

We do not make any money or referral bonuses for reviewing or recommending this product. However, since we use and recommend this software, we are participating in Comm100’s partner program through a reciprocal web page. The reciprocal web page we developed for Comm100 is here.

Additional Screen Shots:
Live Chat hover button

Pre-chat window

Live Chat window

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