SEMRush SERP Feature Definitions

What do all those little SERP Feature icons mean?

If you work with or receive organic research reports from the competitive research service SEMRush, you may have noticed the recent appearance of a series of new icons.  Located just to the right of your keywords, the SERP Features symbols are there to give you information about the types of results that come up for the keyword on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) which are different from traditional organic results. If you see one of these symbols next to a keyword, it means a special type of result appears in a search for that keyword. Let’s take a look at what these various symbols represent.

First, what is an organic result? The simplest way to describe an organic search result is that it is a “regular”, non-paid, result that is returned by a search engine because of its relevance to the search terms. An organic result is a general listing and does not appear as a result of paid advertising. SERP Features are organic or paid results that appear in newer, increasingly important ways that can help drive traffic to your site.

Here are the SEMRush SERP Features icons currently in use and what they mean:

SEM Rush SERP Icons

Featured Snippet – A Featured Snippet provides a brief answer to a question asked within Google. SERP Feature Featured Snippet Example…

Local Pack – The Local Pack is a distinctly presented group of results referring to businesses or other points of interest near the location where the search was performed. SERP Feature Local Pack Example…

Reviews – If you operate a commercial business, the Reviews SERP Feature may be available to you. This type of listing includes your star rating and number of reviews displayed beneath your link. SERP Feature Reviews Example…

Site Links – This feature provides targeted internal links as well as link to the main page of the domain. SERP Feature Site Links Example…

Featured Video – A Featured Video will show up on a SERP at the top of the page. SERP Feature Featured Video Example…

Video – A Video may also show up not at the top of the page, but elsewhere farther down in the search results. SERP Feature Video Example…

Top Stories – Keywords related to current news may show up in the display called Top Stories, which is gathered from news sources worldwide and then tailored to individual readers’ interests. SERP Feature Top Stories Example…

People Also Ask – The People Also Ask expandable grid box offers a list of questions relating to your keyword along with additional search results. SERP Feature People Also Ask Example…

Images – A series of images relating to the keyword are available on the SERP. SERP Feature Featured Images Example…

Tweet – Links from Twitter are included on the SERP. SERP Feature Tweet Example…

Instant Answer – The Instant Answer SERP Feature appears when Google has a clear and definitive answer for the question being asked. SERP Feature Instant Answer Example…

Knowledge Panel – Using information gathered from a Google database of trusted sources, a Knowledge Panel offers an extensive answer to a question. SERP Feature Knowledge Panel Example…

Showcase Shopping Ads – Shown above any paid search ads, Showcase Shopping Ads show search results for non-branded search terms and present a collection of relevant products. SERP Feature Showcase Shopping Ads Example…

AdWords Top – This means that AdWords ads have been purchased that relate to your keyword and appear at the top of the SERP above organic results. SERP Feature AdWords Top Example…

AdWords Bottom – This means that AdWords ads have been purchased that relate to your keyword and appear at the bottom of the SERP below organic results. SERP Feature AdWords Bottom Example…

Keep in mind that if you see a SERP Feature icon next to your keyword, it doesn’t mean that your keyword is already featured on SERPs in that way. An SEMRush SERP Feature icon means the keyword has been featured in that form somewhere on the Internet! Consider taking that information as your inspiration to explore new and more effective ways to be seen online. If you’re ready to step up your marketing strategy and want to learn more about structuring your content for SERP Features, reach out to the Loebig Ink SEO Team for a personalized strategy session.

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15 thoughts on “SEMRush SERP Feature Definitions

  1. Hi Brian,
    This is a great read to get a better understanding on what SERP features are for the various times I’ve looked up something on the internet. I’ve definitely seen all of these features one way or another amongst the thousands of searches I’ve done on the web. The most interesting thing I’ve learned from the article is how a company can tailor the SERP features to drive foot traffic to its site. For example your use of internal site links to target specific things people will likely want to know about your company is excellent. Great read to get a better understanding of what these features are and how they work in SEO. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Stephen! Yes, foot traffic works with a business when they begin to maximize the opportunities offered through Google SERP features!

      1. I was unfamiliar with SERP features, although I have seen some of them during searches. I just ignored them. The main ones I have seen are of course the “Ads” and “Feature Ads”. I have also seen the “Video” SERP on occasion. You can never have too many ways to drive traffic to your site. It is also good to stay ahead of the curve, and be up to date with the latest SEO trends. That makes this a fascinating topic. The most interesting thing to me about this assignment is your point about the possibility of tailoring your keywords to take advantage
        of SERP features.

        1. Yes! Google is creating many new ways to show up in search results. A business is wise to think about how they can potentially use those possibilities for their own web presence. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Hi Brian,
    I use google all the time. It’s like my entry gate to exploring internet content. I did not realize how familiar I already was with these serach engine results page features! This artical certainly helped me gain a clear understanding of each feature, thier functon and usefulness for internet shoppers, browesers, reserachers, and businesses, Developing a deeper understanding of these features and how to use them will certainly serve as a fantastic tool to add to my online marketing toolkit. The most intresting thing I’ve leaned from this artical is that SEO is King when it comes to web content. Unknowingly, we are inundated with different forms of content results (news, reviews, nearby businesses, twiter feeds, videos, answers. etc. ) every time we enter a keyword. SEO is the enigine behind web content. I’ve got to get in the game!

    1. Good thoughts Sandrina. Google is slowly developing an entire universe of features right in the search results. Pretty soon people won’t even need to leave Google to get the info they need!

  3. Good read. I, too, was unfamilar with the terminology before enrolling in the SEO class. Even though I conducted many Google searches, I never stopped and noticed the differences in the the search results. I’m sure I’ve seen all the features in passing. The ones that stand out are Adwords, Video, Showcase Shopping, featured snippets, local pack, and reviews. I will be revisiting this article regularly to familiarize myself with the SEMRush SERP Features icons. Understanding these concepts is essential in maximizing exposure for business owners.

  4. Pretty cool article ! I did not know that there were all of these pieces to the search results on google. I found it very interesting that the semRush tool is able to gather all of this information and display it a way people can understand. I wonder where semrush gets their information from ?

  5. It’s very interesting how you see these semrush serp icons on a regular basis but never realize the importance or how they are strategically placed. Enjoyed reading the information and getting a better understanding of the value of SEO..

  6. I think I have seen most of these features in some form on search results. I’m surprised by the variety of different features when listed out like this. My biggest take away from this is the customer experience begins with the search result, not your website.

  7. I think I have seen most of the SERP Features symbols. I get a lot of information through those because they just catch my eyes right away. Although, I haven’t noticed that SEMrush added SERP Features symbols to their tool. That’s pretty awesome!
    I feel like the amount of SERP Features symbols will definitely increase in the future. It would be very interesting to get a closer look at this.
    I loved how you incorporated an example to each SERP Features. My biggest take away from this is understanding how SERP Features work is essential in maximizing the SEO potential for any business.

  8. All of this article was super interesting. I have seen almost all of these features. The “people also ask” part I think is the coolest and I defiantly get lost sometimes learning about things I never thought I would by clicking on those. I did not know what those functions were called but its good to know!

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