High Tech Interns On The Job

Washington D.C.’s Mayor Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) has brought two bright young interns from the McKinley Technology High School to work with the Loebig Ink team this summer! Through a collaborative partnership with Hera Hub DC, where the interns work, and Philip Day Communications, interns Nia and Sanarah, are learning the basics of WordPress blog writing, social media management, web design, copywriting and professional interviewing skills.

Sanarah Missouri and Nia Crawford
Left to Right: Sanarah and Nia

Nia Crawford is 16 years old and is a rising senior at McKinley Technology High School in Washington, D.C. At her school, Nia has been studying Mass Media for 3 years. Mass Media became much more than just a class; she quickly took an keen interest in the subject. It helped her to realize that she wanted to specialize in Sports Journalism or Broadcasting. This special interest is what linked her to work as an intern for Brian Loebig of Loebig Ink.

Nia began working with Loebig Ink at the end of June 2015 now and is learning a lot that will help contribute to her future aspirations. Everything that she has learned about journalism and sports so far inspired her to work her hardest in order to get where she wants to be. Her motivation to become a sports journalist also comes from the feelings of love and the excitement she gets from watching sports. She believes that working with Loebig Ink is assisting her future goals regarding her journalism career.

Sanarah Missouri was born and raised in Washington, D.C. She is 18 years old and a recent graduate of McKinley Technology High School. Like Nia, Sanarah also studied Mass Media. She always had a passion for cinema and television, even when she was a child. Unlike other little girls her age, Sanarah did not treat her dolls like they were her babies. Instead, she used them to create mental television sitcoms in her head or she would line up her other toys as if they were in a theater watching a movie and she was the film critic. Her goal is to graduate from Virginia State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications in order to become a filmmaker or videographer.

Her parents, media teachers, peers, and famous icons are responsible for motivating Sanarah to be the media addict she is to this day. Sanarah is all about facing challenges and learning new things, which led her to becoming an intern for Loebig Ink. She was open to learning about blog writing, web design, and “Twitter prospecting” in which she plans to use in the near future in addition to her other skills. Sanarah declares that working with Brian Loebig is an unforgettable experience and the new techniques that she is still in the process of learning may come in handy for her future career one day.

Sanarah recently interviewed Tamika Smith for the Entrepreneur’s in Action blog series too!

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